• The Facts on Cannabis Certifications
    Over at the OU blog, we get into cannabis certifications, including where you should get yours and how it can help your cannabis career. Check it out here.




  • Connecticut’s Social Equity Council Selects OU
    ICYMI this cool news: Back in December, Connecticut’s Social Equity Council (SEC) selected Oaksterdam University to help create and operate a Cannabis Business Accelerator Program in the state. It’s great to see a state that’s focused on supporting their social equity applicants to succeed in Connecticut’s nascent cannabis business market. Learn more over at the OU blog.


  • How to Break Into the Industry (Hint: Education)
    If you’re transitioning into cannabis, offering your current services to cannabis companies — or thinking of cannabis for your first career, learning about the plant and the industry is the perfect first step. This post from the OU blog shows you the demand for your skills in cannabis, and which OU courses can help you make the move. Check it out!


  • A Social Equity Primer
    Heard the phrase “social equity” but don’t quite understand it? Don’t worry. The OU Blog has a post that breaks it down for you. Get the social equity “what,” “why,” “how,” and more here.